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Hang Ten #126

// April 10, 2009 // Social Media // Comments Off

10 Tap into UNICEF’s iPhone Tap App.

From March 22 to 28, thousands of volunteers, restaurants, agency, government and corporate partners joined together to support UNICEF’s Tap Project. While World Water Week may have officially come to a close, there is still much you can do to help UNICEF put an end to the preventable deaths of children due to a lack of clean water! 

09 Nelson Beer: A New Brew Decided by You.

For the past few months, our Newcastle office has been getting stuck into the goodness that was the aptly named beer, Trial Brew. I say has been, because the beer has recently shed its Beta name and stepped out rather strikingly under its own new moniker, Nelson beer. 

08 Online Recreation Increases Offline Productivity.

Believe it or not, a new study suggests that tweeting and watching YouTube at work can make you more productive. Australian researchers have found that surfing the Internet for fun in the office increases productivity by 9-percent. 

07 Communicating Entertainment.

Social networking among US broadband users has grown an impressive 93% since 2006, and has increased the amount of time people spend communicating online 18%, to 32% of total online time, according to a new report from Netpop Research, LLC… 

06 Intel’s New Kiosks Take Stock in Self-service Shopping.

Intel has built “three prototypes of kiosks” that could change the way we shop, reports Anne Eisenberg in the New York Times (3/29/09). These kiosks “aren’t the stodgy kind that have long dispensed boarding passes, train tickets and family snapshots. 

05 Print Ad Eats Up & Cuts Down Wall Street Journal.

And even as the ads try to sell yard equipment, they provide a no-doubt unintentional commentary on the medium in which they appear. In fact, given the sorry state of the newspaper business, they might cut a bit too close to the bone.

04 IKEA Builds Virtual Kitchen Campaign.

In The Netherlands, IKEA has launched a nice online campaign to promote its kitchens and drive loyalty as well as new customer acquisitions. 

03 Luxury Bus Drives Eco-friendly Transportation.

Cities around the world try to get cars off the roads and there’s been increasing emphasis on public transportation, ride-sharing, telecommuting and bicycling as eco-minded alternatives. 

02 Personally, Advertising Pays.

As the internet shifts communication trends, traditional advertising channels don’t pack the punch they once did. Providing some solutions to create new media landscapes are Everyday Models and Hollrr, which invite anyone to get paid to rent out aspects of their daily life to advertisers and lets users help promote the products they love.

01 VitaminWater10 Promo Pop-up Shop.

Glacéau, makers of vitaminwater opened a popup brand experience space today in New York City to promote the launch of vitaminwater10.

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